I have been with Faultless Fitness for over two years now, before joining I had has 2 heart attacks, 5 stents fitted, was overweight and only getting worse. I had tried out gyms such as Halo before but failed, and as I travel a lot for work I found it difficult to stick to. I knew I needed to seek help and make a change, as my situation was only going to get worse.

I initially contacted Steve via Facebook after seeing a post he had written. He called me back, we had a chat and I then went into see him. I was interested in a personal training type of deal, as I needed to be flexible due to my travel. Things such as classes etc and gym time during normal 9-5 hours just were not suitable for me! When I joined, the gym was still being built, but despite this, I could feel Steve’s enthusiasm and liked what I saw and heard so signed up!

Faultless Fitness is a small personal type of gym, which is a real unique selling point for me, so keeping that as they have developed over the last two years has been really important. I enjoy the sessions and like that I get the plans in advance, so that I can see the next program coming up. Unfortunately my weight is still a struggle (my lifestyle doesn’t help there!), but I feel much fitter and am able to walk briskly much more easily than I have before – especially useful when catching connecting flights!! My recovery is much faster as well; before I was out of breath going up the stairs! I used to suffer from back problems (even had an operation on my back over 15 years ago), and I had issues with my back when first coming in, in fact I used to take pain killers before I came in ! But now I have had no back issues for 18 months.

My goals now are to improve my stamina, and lose some weight (!!!) and live a bit longer!!


– Andrew Carpenter


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