Announcing the winners of a copy of Novak Djokovic – Serve To Win book

Apologies first, on the original post I said the draw would be announced on August 2nd, I really meant September 2nd; so sorry about the mix up. Also I know its a little later, but we’ve been really busy here at Faultless Fitness. I wasn’t convinced a competition was a good idea but actually the response was pretty good, and we had a rather odd entry that made us laugh. Thank you all for entering, without you we’d be nothing, It’s nice to know there are people out there who appreciate the magazine and store and we are steadily building a loyal following. Okay I’m rabbiting on, here is the winners:

  1. Anton M.
  2. Nina K.
  3. Saif S.
  4. Blake C.
  5. Neil S.
  6. Nev T.
  7. Lewis B.
  8. Max S.
  9. Andrew D.
  10. Faith R.


If you did win, we would really appreciate a picture of yourself with the book. Keep the picture clean though, please, but funny is good.

38 People entered the competition, of which on 35 were valid entries.  Of those three, who we deemed invalid, two couldn’t successfully enter valid email addresses. I mean, come on people, how hard is it to fill out a valid email address? The last failed entrant just goes to prove the kind of weird stuff that floats around the Internet. He called himself “Massive” “Hardon”, we didn’t enter him (no pun intended) on general principle since we are pretty sure Mr Hardon isn’t a legitimate person, if that’s your genuine name due to cruel parents, we are so very, very, sorry. Maybe his name was because he really likes Novak Djokovic, in which case, he really missed out. We all had a good laugh about it anyway so I thought I’d share.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners! Soon as we get your postal addresses, we’ve sent you emails, we’ll post the book to you.

As I said, more competitions are on the way so keep on coming back!

Stephen Nash, MD


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