Take Control of your Health

Here at Faultless Fitness, Our Health Program’s mission is to deliver scientific, personalised health interventions in a safe and unintimidating environment, giving you the confidence and motivation you need to improve the quality of your life.

  • The Health Transformation Program is perfect if you’re a beginner or have been away from exercise for some time, and want to kick-start your journey to a happier and healthier you!
  • The Advanced Health Program is ideal if you are a bit more experienced and confident in a gym setting and want more structure and knowledge behind your training programs.
  • The Personal Training packages may be more suitable for you if you’re wanting to work 1:1 with your own dedicated coach, or if you have a complex health condition that needs managing by a professional with the knowledge needed to coach you safely.

Health Transformation

Kick-start your journey to health for the last time and make 2019 the year you finally reach your goals! We will provide you with everything you need to succeed, with a personalised training program matching your needs, easy to follow nutritional guidance and access to coaches with advanced knowledge and qualifications above the industry standard.

With the Health Transformation Program you will:

  • Improve your energy – Get that spring in your step back and stop feeling exhausted
  • Help you to lose weight – Learn how to feed your body properly
  • Reduce muscle and joint ache – Say goodbye to your painful knees and aching back
  • Feel more confident – Improve how you feel about yourself and who you see in the mirror
  • Transform your body and life – See how other aspects of your life will improve alongside your health and fitness!

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Advanced Health

If you’ve tried to make a change in the past but have been unable to get the results you want, you’ve just found the last fitness program you’ll ever need to commit to. This program is ideal for people who have completed the Health Transformation Program and can now move onto a more advanced long-term solution. It’s also perfect for those with a bit more experience in a gym setting!

With the Advanced Health Program you will:

  • Introduce structure to your training – have a personalised plan built just for you
  • Finally reach the goals you’ve set yourself – shed those last few pounds and hit that deadlift pb
  • Learn how to optimise your nutrition – have all of your questions answered
  • Improve your training techniques – coaches with qualifications above the industry standard will ensure you are performing movements correctly to maximise results

To talk to a member of the team about joining the program, simply fill in the form below!


When you first start your journey to health, you sometimes need a little more help and support to get going, and to ensure that you make exercise a regular part of your life. Personal Training introduces that level of support and teaching, taking you from a potentially fearful starter, to a confident gym goer. A lot of people find that providing some accountability to their training also helps them solidify new habits, so having just one trainer to form a bond with, who will notice when you fall off the wagon, and care about getting you back on, can also be so important to your success.

We’re incredibly proud of our Personal Training service in Hereford, successfully coaching clients with incredibly unique needs. Because all of our trainers are educated to levels far above industry requirements, they all have different strengths and specialisms, so if you have a chronic condition, a specialist sport or any other type of high need, we absolutely have a trainer to match.

Jo's Story

“One of my physiotherapists mentioned the ‘gym’ word as a way of gaining further improvements that my knee classes couldn’t address.… But for me, going to a gym was too awful to contemplate; my experience of gyms was that they were intimidating, confidence-sapping, ‘excluding’ and competitive… However, a chance conversation with a very dear friend pointed me to Faultless Fitness, where she had been going because of sports-related injuries, and where she had been benefiting from their unintimidating, focussed and motivational approach. “But it’s a gym. And I’m not a sportsperson,” I said. “I know! Ring them,” she said. So I did. And so began a transformational experience. Faultless Fitness is small in size, friendly in outlook, and quite unlike the gyms I had experienced (and fled from). And it gets results.” Read More