Take Control of your Health

Here at Faultless Fitness, Our Health Program’s mission is to deliver scientific, personalised health interventions in a safe and unintimidating environment, giving you the confidence and motivation you need to improve the quality of your life.

Depending on your specific focus, we have either specialist focused programs or bespoke programs to help you.

Weight Loss

As Faultless Fitness’ flagship program, the Weight Loss Program has been innovated over years of working with clients who were experiencing issues with their health dominated by weight. Our Weight Loss program helps to educate you on nutrition, and support you with an ongoing and personalised exercise program, all delivered in our small Hereford training facility. We have created a safe and unintimidating space in which you can grow in confidence, so that you can enjoy new challenges and achieve your goals.

Diabetes Regression Program

Faultless Fitness Diabetes Regression Program is designed to reverse the damage caused by type-ii diabetes and help push you towards entering remission. The Diabetes Regression Program is a groundbreaking program that utilises a holistic nutritional and physiological intervention to drop body fat, increase muscle and increase your health exponentially! After trialling the program with clients over the last year, we’re excited to officially launch it. Learn more about the program and hear from one of our current clients by clicking below.

Advanced Recovery Program

Originally pioneered after we helped our clinical clients following surgery, the Advanced Recovery Program is designed to fill the void between finishing physiotherapy and getting your quality of life back. Whether its surgery or injury, returning to normal life after finishing a short course of physio often leaves you feeling unfulfilled, neglected and not where you want to be. The Advanced Recovery program pulls you through from struggling to cope, to thriving back in your home, work or sporting environment.

Jo's Story >>

“One of my physiotherapists mentioned the ‘gym’ word as a way of gaining further improvements that my knee classes couldn’t address.… But for me, going to a gym was too awful to contemplate; my experience of gyms was that they were intimidating, confidence-sapping, ‘excluding’ and competitive… However, a chance conversation with a very dear friend pointed me to Faultless Fitness, where she had been going because of sports-related injuries, and where she had been benefiting from their unintimidating, focussed and motivational approach. “But it’s a gym. And I’m not a sportsperson,” I said. “I know! Ring them,” she said. So I did. And so began a transformational experience. Faultless Fitness is small in size, friendly in outlook, and quite unlike the gyms I had experienced (and fled from). And it gets results.”