Faultless Fitness Mission & Ethos

Our Story:

Our local health sports and exercise clinics came into being due to our awareness that the industry was falling short. The company Founder, Stephen Tannatt Nash, had spent 3 years studying as a sports & exercise scientist, analysing the links between diseases, such as obesity, type-2 diabetes and osteoporosis, and exercise.

It was also clear to him, from the time spent learning to train athletes, that exercising alone will massively fall short of results and that large sections of the industry were, hopefully unknowingly, duping their customers by providing anything other than a holistic approach to health – psychology, physiology, nutrition and biomechanics are all mandatory requirements to provide continuing improvements in health!

An approach was needed whereby clients were hand-railed through a process that got them more active, a healthier balanced approach to eating and an environment where the client felt safe and not intimidated.

Stephen was able to immediately provision finance from the banks that allowed the creation of a safe training space that was to the standard required to train professional athletes. Stephen then put rudimentary processes in place to provide nutritional guidance and high-end personal training services. The problem he now faced was to reach the personal milestone of making access to the program affordable to all.

Luckily, Faultless Fitness was then bolstered with the addition of a second Sports & Exercise Scientist, Bogdan Urse. Bogdan provided the additional brain and person power required for the team to utilise, advance and deploy a streamlined version of the programme. This became the Entry-Level Health Programme that provides the core service at what is Faultless Fitness today.