1:1 Support When You Need It Most

When you first start your journey to health, you sometimes need a little more help and support to get going, and to ensure that you make exercise a regular part of your life. Personal Training introduces that level of support and teaching, taking you from a potentially fearful starter, to a confident gym goer. A lot of people find that providing some accountability to their training also helps them solidify new habits, so having just one trainer to form a bond with, who will notice when you fall off the wagon, and care about getting you back on, can also be so important to your success.

We’re incredibly proud of our Personal Training service in Hereford, successfully coaching clients with incredibly unique needs. Because all of our trainers are educated to levels far above industry requirements, they all have different strengths and specialisms, so if you have a chronic condition, a specialist sport or any other type of high need, we absolutely have a trainer to match. To find out how we can help you, simply fill out the contact form on this page and your new Personal Trainer will be in touch!

Constant Support from your Trainer

By utilising our custom apps, your Trainer can be reached at any time for extra support, even when you’re not in the gym. So if you’ve got questions about your diet, concerns about your training plan, need a bit of a motivational pep talk, or you just want to complain to them about your new muscle aches, they’re only a message away!

Unintimidating Training Environment

All of your sessions will be carried out in our private facility on Holmer Road, which is available only to members. This smaller training environment allows us to create a space that is friendly, safe and unintimidating for new members. We know that some larger facilities can be a bit daunting, which is why we work very hard to ensure you enjoy your sessions, and that you feel comfortable and safe whilst training with us.

Trainers with Advanced Knowledge and Expertise

All of our Personal Trainers are highly qualified and professional, with most having studied Sports Science at degree level. This knowledge means that we can guarantee your results, and you can feel safe knowing that your plan will absolutely get you to your goals. It also allows us to take on clients with more complex health issues, as our team has the knowledge to support you through recovery post injury, physio and even surgery.

High End Software & App for all Clients

All of our clients are provided with our high-end intervention monitoring and prescription app that allows you to instantly contact your trainer if you have a question, see and log your workout, and send us data to help monitor the success of your nutritional coaching. The app is so easy to use, allowing you to access your plan and trainer from anywhere.

Read about Andy's Personal Training Journey

“Faultless Fitness is a small personal type of gym, which is a real unique selling point for me, so keeping that as they have developed over the last two years has been really important. I used to suffer from back problems ( I even had an operation on my back over 15 years ago), and I had issues with my back when first coming in, in fact I used to take pain killers before I came in! But now I have had no back issues for 18 months!!” Read More

Want to learn more?

For more information about our Personal Training services, and to learn about how we can get your journey started, simply complete the form at the top of the page and your new trainer will be in touch!