Unlock your Potential

At Faultless Fitness we don’t just throw random sessions at you and hope for a lucky increase in your performance. Our Sports Scientists will perform a needs analysis on your sport, diagnose the determinants of performance, and test your current capacity using an exercise testing battery. This will give us an insight into your current performance levels, which we will then use to build upon.

Your training plan will be then designed, creating a macrocycle that revolves around your key competition dates. This will ensure that you are in peak condition when it matters most.  Our scientists will be on hand at every session you attend in our Hereford facility, guiding your through your training plan, as well as helping to coach you through nutritional interventions for your competitions and your day to day living.

Master Sports Program

The highest tier of our sports interventions is the Master Sports Program. Developed following the successful implementation of our other sports programs, this level is designed to cater for the needs of sports men and women who are looking for more 1:1 help with their training. With the Master Sports Program you will have one Sports Scientist who will always be your first point of contact, and will be in charge of your entire program, including training, nutrition, testing and analysis. This level of focus will give the care and continuity your plan needs to achieve the adaptations you’re looking for. At Faultless Fitness, we will never use a one size fits all approach to your training, as this simply won’t work. Instead, we use our advanced knowledge and experience to ascertain your current performance weaknesses, and build a plan to address them. This means that your training will be focused on exactly what you need to be doing in order to get faster, stronger and race ready. 

Running Improvement

Our running improvement program was designed to help our local runners, from amateur to experienced, improve their times, reduce their rates of injury, and make their performances more reliable. Our primary focus is making sure that you stay injury free whilst you see increases in your performance, so that you never miss out on key events and races. The program is a perfect blend of resistance training and anaerobic & aerobic conditioning sessions, which are put together based on your macrocycle, then delivered directly onto your calendar. All you have to do is open your app, complete the training and see those personal bests start racking up!

Triathlon Training Program

Our Triathlon program was developed over the period of a year, as an answer to a number of high-level athletes who elected to train with us. Throughout the year, we developed an evidence-based strategy that we are able to adapt to triathletes of all levels. Drawing on the knowledge we have from our cycling and running programs we were able to work with specialist coaches and our sports scientists to develop a program that incorporates resistance training, conditioning and nutritional interventions, to guarantee your performance on the day of competition. We keep the sessions individual and goals personalised, for the diverse range of clients we have, and the different levels of triathlon they train for.

Cycling Improvement

Our cycling program was developed as an answer to the number of cyclists we had approach us when we first opened in Hereford. We quickly realised there was a desperate need for an evidence-based and scientifically designed program to facilitate improvements in cycling performance. Utilising our Wattbikes and strength equipment, we were able to build fully holistic exercise and nutritional interventions for our clients, rapidly increasing performance and reliability in competition. Taking into consideration your experience, confidence and fitness levels, we design all of our programs to be as individual as your needs are.