A Weight Loss Program Designed Specifically for You

Wherever you start from, our Weight Loss Program is designed to get you to where you want to be. The program will help you build your confidence in a safe environment, free from judgement, being guided by our friendly and caring team of professionals. With an exercise program that is constantly monitored and updated, we can ensure that you remain engaged and motivated to reaching your goal.

Private Sessions with a Specialist on Hand

All of your sessions will be carried out in our private facility on Holmer Road, which is available only to members. All of our sessions are limited to 5 members at a time so that we can maintain a 5:1 ratio of client to trainer. This guarantees that you get the best possible support throughout your sessions, so we can help guide your through your exercises and ensure you have the correct form, to maximise your results and minimise your risk of injury.

Constantly Evolving Plan Specific to Your Capabilities & Progress

Unlike other places you may have trained, your starting point with Faultless Fitness will always be tailored to fit your current capacity. This means that you will start where you need to start, and every time we review your program, we will progress you onto the next phase aimed at causing the adaptation you need to hit your goals. This ensures we can fully support everyone, from clients who have never set foot into a gym, to those who have had gym experience previously.

Plans Designed & Monitored by Scientists

All of our frameworks, plans and programs have been developed by our Sports & Exercise Scientists following guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, British Association of Sports & Exercise Scientists and utilising the latest in peer-reviewed research. Basically, we know what we’re talking about and can guarantee that when we are looking to cause specific adaptations, you will get them.

Alex Wilson's Experience >>

“If it was not for Faultless Fitness I would not be able to do half the things I am doing today and would have never have known I would be someone who enjoys competing in physically demanding events and sports – with the added bonus that I have dropped dress sizes and am entering dress shopping for the wedding full of confidence rather than dread.”

High End Software & App for all Clients

All of our clients are provided with our high-end intervention monitoring and prescription app that allows you to instantly contact your trainer if you have a question, see and log your workout, and send us data to help monitor the success of your nutritional coaching. The app is so easy to use, allowing you to access your plan and trainer from anywhere.

Want to learn more?

For more information about the Program, and to learn about how we can get your journey started, simply complete the form at the top of the page and a member of our team will be in touch!